Happy Birthday, TLC!!!

I have been part of TLC for many years and NOW The Liaison Collaborative is turning 9 years old!! It’s hard to believe that this event was just beginning its journey back in 2013!! I wasn’t even privvy to the event world at that time, but look at me now! Here we are celebrating nine years! I’m still in shock and so proud. Katya Valeska passed the torch of TLC to me in March of 2021. I was her manager for years, so when she decided it was time for her take leave of SL to pursue real life career avenues…well, without hesitation, she passed the whole thing over to me. It hasn’t always been easy, but here we are a year later…I’ve made some drastic changes in the hopes of reviving this event and hopefully elevating it back to the amazing event it was years ago. In the meantime….Let’s Celebrate!!!
They say it is more rewarding to give than to receive, but I’d say this month…both sides of that coin are feeling pretty damn good!! So, here’s a teensy little breakdown of things to expect from TLC this month!

So, here’s a little breakdown of how things will unfold as we celebrate during the upcoming round of TLC!


RAFFLE at the Event – L$25,000
Facebook – L$9,000
Flickr – L$9,000
Discord – L$1000 gift cards to 9 individuals
Blog – L$20,000 gift card from The Bearded Guy
VIP & Subscribo – Random GiveAways!
…and more!!!!

Details will be revealed wherever the prizes are being given.
Except the Raffle…that one is super easy, just go to the sim and slap the board. BOOM! You’re entered! A name will be drawn on Friday, March 25, 2023! Notices will go out across the board about the winner!!!

In the meantime, check out the sim….we have brand new booths, a fantastic new layout that is unlike any event on the grid. Let us know what you think!

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