TLC October 2021

It’s our favorite time of year! Let’s see what some of our sponsors have brought to the party! And in our outer square…WOW! We’ve got it all…creepy, spoopy, delightful…its no wonder this is our favorite time of year!!!

August 2021

Take a look at some of the fantastic creations you can find at our August round. Our designers have no shortage of imagination. From accessories to decor, you will discover all sorts of wonderul items to enhance your Second Life experience. We’ve collected as many ads as we could to present to you here, but…

TLC July 2021

Here’s a look at some of the astonishing designs you will find at our July round. These designers have pulled out all the stops. From cosmetics & accessories to decor & landscaping for in and outside your homes. We’ve got something for almost everyone.If you’d like to catch a glimpse of the booths as shot…

TLC April 2021

We are so excited for you to see all the amazing creations our designers have on display. Enjoy the new look of TLC, with plenty of space to enjoy shopping at leisure.